August 15, Saturday 18:00 to 20:00 hours in the Associated Muharram Aydogan Aytunç Bentürk our instructor Lindy Hop Dance Academy offers free workshops will be held Swingv.

Interested in 17:30, just the name of the workshop is to print them at school. is
0216 545 35 16-17-18

Muharram HK Aydogan
Swing dance styles that began in Turkey and currently being progressed at present, training offers at home and abroad,
swingturk dance academy founder Aydogan world dance championship Olympics has jitterbug swing,
4-6-8 paced jazz steps and made with Bouns swing dance styles has a different style 13, lindy hop, jitterbug, boogie woogie, shag, balboa charleston .. with some of Muharram teacher together we will learn the lindy hop dance: <9 at the same time World Cup of this beautiful dance 2015 16-19 October, subject, as well as Antalya belt will be at funnyboomm festival again we say salsa -bachat to-duos solo men solo follower -Show case training for 4 days unlimited catered accommodation inclusive dance party up to the beach with sea in the morning sun you may be the only hotel accommodation with 150 euros, to meet together on the office records in Antalya with take SWING Winger widely held in 1920-1950 in the new era türleridir.swing dance the Lindy Hop, Charleston and jitterbug types is associated with. LINDY HOP At the end of 1920 that emerged in the United States and jazz swing era and especially Rampant by the emergence of huge orchestra, in 1927 in that period almost as also been done to everything Charles Lindbergh's first atlantic ocean to fly as the dedication of the lindy hop called dance. such that the roots of this dance in Europe and Africa, as in jazz tradition takes. usually it gives place to a large extent been done on purpose characteristic acrobatic act as social as possible in this dance show. ROCK N ROLL The familiar movement of the dance, the woman is the man juggled right after recapture. Acrobatic dance movements are used. Nowadays more and more in order to show the exhibition has become a competition dance. After the dance appeared in the US in 1945 it has found its place in Europe.

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