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Anet Çalgıcıyan
Anet ÇalgıcıyanZumba
Anet Çalgıcıyan, who was born in İstanbul in 1983, completed her high school education in a private school called Getronagan High School.
At the age of 7, she started dancing in a folklore group instructed by Hamit Alemdar. After her 5 years’ education within this group, she continued dancing and receiving training in an Armenian folk dance group. After dancing in this group for 3 years, she participated in Yeraz Dance Group instructed by Karolin Sarıboyacıyan Mamigonyan in her high school years. At these years, all her shows were performed at Muammer Karaca Theatre. In 1998, she began salsa education instructed by Ogün Özkutlu at Footsteps Form & Dance Center, which was founded by Aytunç Bentürk. Anet Çalgıcıyan, who turned back to her salsa education in 2007 after a few years’ break, started instructing by completing many of her dance education. In addition to her being a dance instructor, Çalgıcıyan also keeps her education as a student of Fashion Design in Career Education Institutions under the Ministry of Education.

Featured Content

  • 2009 TDSF 1st Stage Trainer
  • 2013 TDSF 2nd Stage Trainer
  • 2011 Zumba Certificate
  • 2009 Moni & Milena Couple
  • 2009-2010 Modern Jazz – Djamel Fellouce
  • 2009 Imu Dance Company On2
  • 2010 Juan Matos Workshop
  • 2010 Tropical Gem Workshop
  • 2010 Eddie Torres Workshop
  • 2010 Francisco Wasgues Workshop
  • 2010 Luis & Mellisa Workshop
  • 2011 Zumba (Bulgaria) – Hermann Melo
  • 2013 Alper Karaot – Jazz-Funk Jazz
  • (2008-…) She started giving modern dance education to her students aged 3-12 in Aramyan Uncuyan Primary School. Anet Çalgıcıyan, who has prepared more than 40 choreographies and made her students ready to perform on stage, still has been instructing there.
  • (2008-…) She began giving Lady Styling lessons at Mustafa Sarı Dance Studios. She still has been giving Lady Styling and Bellydance at this school every year.
  • (2010-…) She started giving salsa and zumba lessons in Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy. She has been continuing giving lessons within Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy.
  • (2011-…) She has given Salsa and Lady Styling lessons at Bahçeşehir University and every year she has been getting her students to be prepared for the festivals among universities through her Lady Styling choreographies.
  • (2011-…) She has been giving Zumba and Bellydance lessons at Tepeören Social Facilities.
  • (2012-…) She has been giving Zumba lessons at Arkeon Social Facilities.
  • (2013-…) She has been giving Salsa and Zumba lessons at Anadolu Bank.
  • (2014-…) She has been giving Zumba lessons at an association under Aramyan Uncuyan Primary School.