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Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy

  • The first and only dance school of Turkey and the world with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
  • A dance school under TDSF (Turkish Dance Sports Federation)
  • A dance school certified by the MNE (Ministry of National Education)
  • A dance and sports club confirmed by the Ministry of Sports and the Desk of Associations
  • FFDC, which was formed by Aytunç Bentürk in 1997, has promoted its quality in education and moved to its current place in Koşuyolu under the brand name of ABDA (Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy).
  • With the instructors who are proficient in their field, large dance halls, the café and the garden our school’s quality in education and viewpoint towards future has been endorsed with ISO-9001 Certificate and our school still has been making good progress towards future.
  • With an aim to be one of the few dance schools worldwide, ABDA has been maintaining its work since 1997 and has been training both professional and amateur dancers.
  • ABDA has been in service in its 500 m2 school in Koşuyolu with its 60 professional dancers, 25 instructors, 100 amateur dancers and its administrative staff of 15 people.

Aytunç Bentürk

  • has played a significant part in the development of dance in Turkey.
  • has introduced dance to Turkey and made it loved through his tutorials.
  • has undertook both being the dancer and the choreographer of many famous artists.
  • founded the first musical and vocal Boy Band in Turkey named Birkaç İyi Adam (A Few Good Men) in 1996.
  • became the worldwide champion twice and the European champion once in salsa dancing between the years 2004-2005.
  • took a great part in the establishment of Turkish Dance Sports Federation and worked as the founder member of it for some while.
  • has written the curriculums of salsa training and competitions.
  • conducted as an instructor , a choreographer and as a jury member in various dance competitions broadcast on TV and entertainment programs.
  • has been the instructor of many champions.
  • has trained hundreds of instructors and thousands of dancers and enabled many people to found their own dance schools.
  • still has been working as an instructor in Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy (ABDA) which he founded himself.
  • has been recorded as one of the best out of 100 living dancers in the world by many dance authorities.