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Aytunç Bentürk, who was born in İstanbul in 1972, began his professional dance life between the years 1985-1986. He was regarded as one of the second term dancers and between the years 1986-1995 he worked with many significant artists of the term as a dancer as well as a choreographer.In 1996, he founded the musical vocal band Birkaç İyi Adam (A Few Good Men) and he quickly accomplished being a phenomenon as a dancer on TV screens. He started teaching dance in a gym called FFC in order to spread what he knows about dance to the masses. After two years, he owned FFC and changed its name as FFDC. Within the same term, the famous dancer Aytunç Bentürk achieved spreading his fame even outside of Turkey by getting all the awards in the European and world dance championships. Then, all dancers around the globe were talking about this young Turkish boy. In 2005, it was becoming almost impossible to accept more students into FFDC. Aytunç Bentürk was, then, preoccupied by the idea of opening a great academy rather than a great dance school and within the same year he founded Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, which carries his own name in it, in a lovely district of Kadıköy, namely Koşuyolu. Today, Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy is still in service in Kadıköy, Bakırköy and Erenköy with over 1000 students, 60 professional and 95 amateur dancers who work there, and 15 people of administrative staff. Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy is the only institution where all kinds of dances known globally except salsa are performed. Every year, hundreds of people take duties to perform in movies, series, contests, video clips, parades, advertisements and shows from this huge school, which is also called ABDA among its students.