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Sirtaki is an inseparable part of Greek folk dance and it is instructed both by native and foreign instructors at Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy.


Zeybek is performed by one person or by a few people who are arranged in a circle. Zeybek represents a brave man who protects the people. A Zeybek performer opens his/her arms to both sides aligned with the shoulders and his/her hands aligned with the head. Sometimes he/she may slightly break the arms from the elbows. The performer moves very slowly with big steps. One of the distinct moves of this dance is to bend down occasionally and get one of the knees touched with the floor.




Being more than just a simple folk dance, Flamenko has a complex and intense cultural tradition. Although it is known as of Spanish origin, it is actually a culture of the Andalusia Region. The origins of it leave us with a lot of question marks, however, it has been accepted as a kind brought out by the assimilated inhabitant Iberians who speak Latin in that region, Arab-Berber Muslims, Spanish Jews and Gypsies.