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Kids Dance, Ballet Classes

Our children are the most valuable beings we have. Support your kids in order to help them become individuals who are self-confident, strong, social and sportive with the asisstance of our professional staff by letting them meet with ballet and dance, which are one of the finest art and sport activities in the world and which play a very significant role in their physical, social and psychological development.

Why do our kids need Ballet and Dance?

Ballet Art is a branch of visual stage-art that combines dance with mimics, music, feelings and decor.

Not only does ballet education enable the kids in an early age to have a gracious and good posture, but it also helps them learn how to use their body in correspondence with music and choreography together and it helps them develop their coordination as well as their creativity.

Ballet Art is the most significant factor for our kids to enable them to get familiar with music and dance beginning from childhood, to help them get to know their own body first and keep it in balance, to make them become gracious, flexible and social individuals as a result of their inner discipline in this process, to help them express themselves within a group, to make it possible for them to embrace the future with trust both psychologically and physically with the feeling of confidence in life and to help them keep young and dynamic all the time.

Our goals are to help them

  • avoid the feeling of timidity.
  • gain the habit of physical activities throughout their lives.
  • keep their body fit and get tight.
  • improve hand-eye coordination.
  • get social by giving assistance to them in sharing and learning with others.
  • learn to esteem the rules and learn success as well as defeat.
  • control their attention, improve their concentration and develop their abilities of creativity and imagination.

Ballet Schedule

  • Classical Ballet Preparatory and Hobby Class
    Ballet preparatory and hobby classes: These classes are scheduled for 4-6 year-old students with an aim to get ready for the technical classes. They are programmed as once a week for an hour.
  • Classical Ballet Technique the Certificate Program of the Ministry of National Education
    It is a certificate and curriculum program confirmed by the Ministry of National Education for the students aged 7 and above. The students of Classical Ballet are entitled to get their diplomas confirmed by the Ministry of National Education as being valid all over the world once they have completed their 2 years’ preparatory and 8 years’ technical education. The students who get their diplomas have a right to be a ballet instructor and to found a ballet school. Our classes are scheduled as once a week for two hours or twice a week for an hour for each week.