Aytunç Bentürk played an important role as a dancer and choreographer in the development of dance in Turkey with his performances and achievements.

He is the name who made people love dancing with his trainings. He was the dancer and choreographer of a lot of famous artists. He is one of the founders of Birkaç İyi Adam, the first boyband of Turkey. In 2004-2005 he won the World Champion title twice and European Salsa Champion once. He also played an important role in the foundation of Turkish Dance Sports Federation and worked as the chairman of Social Latin Dances. For long years he was the president of TDSF Training Committee and National Team Coach. He worked in television for dance competitions and entertainment programs as a choreograph and judge.

Today the famous instructor is training a lot of champions with great success. He is raising thousands of dancers, hundreds of instructors and helping them for opening their own schools.

Aytunç Bentürk is named in the list of top 100 dancers alive in the world by important dance authorities. He still continues his job as an instructor in MEB, GSGM, TDSF approved Aytunç Bentürk Dance and Music Academy and Aytunç Bentürk Spor Club.

Aytunç Bentürk Dance and Music Academy
+90 216 545 35 16-17-18
Mobil: +90 554 499 58 08


The first name comes to mind when it is said dance in Turkey, man of firsts: AYTUNÇ BENTÜRK
What are these firsts;

  • The first dancer of Turkey's second dancer period
  • The dancer of Turkey's first dance group
  • The first Hip hop champion of Turkey
  • The first dance & vocal group founded in Turkey (A Few Good Men)
  • The first group in Turkey which released a single
  • The dancer who went live the most in Turkey
  • First Turkey Salsa Champion (2001)
  • The first man who introduced and spread Salsa in Turkey
  • The man who announced Turkey’s name in Salsa world (2002-2003)
  • Turkey's first and only European Salsa Champion (2004)
  • Turkey's first and only World Salsa Cup Champion (2004)
  • Turkey's first and only World Salsa Champion (2005)
  • The owner of Turkey's first large dance school
  • Turkey's first and only ISO 9001 certified dance school owner
  • Turkey's top student training dance school owner
  • Turkey's top champion trainer
  • Turkey's most instructors trainer
  • Turkey Dance Sport Federation Founding Member
  • Author of the first TDSF salsa dance instructor and coaching curriculum
  • Author of the first salsa competitions referee rules
  • One of the firsts who made concept salsa dance parties
  • Owner of the longest running salsa dance party (Murphy’s Dance Bar 2001-2011)
  • The only Turkish dance instructor who travelled every corner of the world and Turkey who introduced dance
  • The dancer who made the most number of shows and attended the most number of competitions Turkey
  • The first instructor in Turkey who trained the next world champion after himself.
  • Turkey's best dance instructor award winner (Marmara Educational Institutions)
  • Turkey's first Salsa National Team Coach