The Nobility On The Dance Floor

Samba is a cheerful and fast Latin American Dance, using Brazilian instruments such as tamborim, chocalho, reco-reco, cabaca, and a unique rhythm with strong drum rhythms. The versions of Samba presented at the annual Rio Carnival are different from the international Samba, which is an advanced version. While Samba is performed individually at the Rio Carnival, it is presented as a paired dance under the name of Latin American Dance Sport in accordance with international versions.

Cha Cha Cha music is sharp and hard. However, its melodies carry these feelings as well as carelessness and idleness. The sharp beats in the rhythm correspond to the sudden and harsh movements in the dance. Cha Cha Cha rather than nobility or seriousness as a general character. It offers a joyful and slightly naughty party atmosphere to dance lovers.
Rumba music is romantic and reminiscent of the heartbeat. Much of the passion and influence of dance comes to life in melodies in music. Rumba is slow paced, difficult; but it is a rare Latin American dance. It reflects the passion between the couples in the movements.
Lindy Hop has different names such as West Coast Swing, American Swing and Rock ‘n Roll. Although it looks like Rock ‘n Roll, it is more mobile than it. 
Jive is a Latin American dance that requires being graceful, lively and energetic. Although it is quite active, it can be applied in a small range of motion because it is a position dance.
Contrary to what is known, Paso Doble was introduced to dance literature by the French, not the Spaniards. In the Paso doble dance, men and women perform a bullfighting theme together. The male is the matador and the female is the bull in some figures, the cape in the matador's hand in others. Generally, male figures form the basis of dance. You can learn Paso Doble dance from the experts, which is not suitable for improvisation and requires a predetermined choreography.

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