The Grace Coming From The Past To The Present

Waltz started to be popular in Vienna in the 19th century and spread from here to all over the world. Vals, the king of dances, has acquired different cultural characters in different countries. Therefore, different varieties have emerged called English Waltz, Hungarian Waltz and Waltz Mazurka. With the long-term popularity of the waltz, the formation of different varieties could not be prevented.

In the 1920s, the musical form of Waltz developed and new forms emerged: Boston Waltz and Slow Waltz. These dances are the basis of the modern Waltz displayed in today's dance competitions.
It is considered as a difficult dance, as it requires strong balance and constant control over every movement. To make Slow Foxtrot it is essential for the couples, especially the female dancer, to receive regular training.
Quickstep is a lively and cheerful dance that includes turns and jumps. Different types have been developed for three different age groups: QuickStep dance type, which is very cheerful and lively for young dancers, is taught by experts in the field at Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy.

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