ABDA Rules

Dance is a social, cultural, artistic and sporting phenomenon as well as one of the most beautiful activities you can do in the world. On the days when we dance, we get rid of all our problems and become happy as if we fly  above the clouds, which is why we need to evaluate these loving hours without upsetting and disrespecting each other.

Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy has always been an example and inspirational school for other dance schools, sports clubs and art schools since its establishment, so we invite all of you to obey the following rules and warn those who do not obey.

  1. It is very important for the health of all of us that you wear clean suitable shoes for dance that you do not use outside while entering the dance classes. Getting dance shoes should be the first choice.
  2. Natural deodorants that do not contain very heavy aromas should be used while attending classes. We should not neglect to use deodorant, especially in the summer months when sweating is intense. If our sweat odor does not disappear despite this, we should use creams that prevent sweat odor. If we have a very sweaty body structure, we should always carry spare clothes with us.
  3. We should be careful about the substances we eat and drink before coming to classes do not emit heavy smells. If smoking is an indispensable habit and it is used intensively, we should use deodorizing or covering sprays on us, in our hands and in our mouth.
  4. If there is any person (s) disturbing you, please inform your instructor first and then the school authorities
  5. Please do not enter the classes with hot drinks.
  6. Please do not bring food or drink to the school from outside, so we have a canteen in our school.
  7. Our children are our future and they are the most important individuals of ABDA. Therefore, during the busy days and hours of the children's classes, please pay attention to your dress, the way you speak and your jokes in the garden. Especially if smoking is an indispensable habit, drink it outside the school garden.
  8. Except for the instructors and assistants, please do not allow anyone to show you a movement or figure, as correcting a mistake is more difficult than teaching a person who does not know.
  9. Avoid acrobatic movements if possible, especially in school, never study acrobatic movements without an instructor, our school is not responsible for injuries that may occur due to acrobatic movements without an instructor.
  10. Please do not give your phone number to anyone, including your instructors and assistants, without establishing close friendships.
  11. Our school is monitored 24 hours by security cameras, but there are no toilets and changing rooms. Therefore, please do not leave your valuables idle in the locker rooms during the lessons and practice hours. You can request keys for the lockers or deliver them to the management. If you forget something at school and are found, the items you forget will be kept at our school for 1 month and then sent from the school. Otherwise, our school is not responsible for lost items.
  12. Please do not stop without dancing when you enter the dance classes, do not wait for anyone to dance you, you can also dance (male or female).
  13. Do not always dance with the same people in lessons and practices, this will get you accustomed to the same person instead of advancing and will cause you to have difficulty dancing with someone else. Therefore, change partners often if possible.
  14. You can use our school to dance, study, read, chat or spend time with your friends in your spare time.
  15. Dance is a social activity and creates a social environment. Everyone has equal rights in this social environment. Therefore, be careful about sharing your critical opinions about people within the school.
  16. Students who enter the new classes for help should first wait for the matching of the class students, and then if they are empty, they should match.
  17. To use music players, please get help from our instructors, assistants or directors. As a result of misuse, our amps and columns are burning and become unusable. Both our lessons are negatively affected and they cause financial damages. We ask you to pay particular attention in this matter.

Please take into consideration if our instructors warn you if these rules are not followed. All the items here are little notes that will make us happier in the time we spare for dancing. We would like to thank you all for your sensitivity to our notes.

Stay with love and dance, wish you a pleasant time.

Best regards

Aytunç Bentürk Dance and Sports Club

Set Your Soul Free

Painful working life, endless hustle and bustle of everyday life, the crowd, traffic jam, stress… Do you sometimes think that you cannot handle all these? Is your social life getting monotonous gradually and is your biggest activity becoming commuting between home and work? Have you had enough of all these? Then, you are invited to Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy (ABDA). Come to Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy and let us change flow of your life.

What do we promise you? You are going to take a step towards a different world accompanied by the Champion of World Cup and Europe, the choreographer of the champions, the celebritiy and TV dance contests, the coach of the coaches Aytunç Bentürk and his expert staff. With every single step, you are going to discover your soul and with every single figure, you are going to get rid of the everyday stress and you will be able to recover yourself. You are going to look at life from a more beautiful window. Everyone has got a sense of rhythm. And every rhythm has got a form of dance. Choose the form of dance that addresses to your soul in Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy and open wide the doors of a brand new world.

Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Casino de Rueda, Flamenco, Merengue, ChaChaCha, Rumba, Pasadoble, Samba, Waltz, Quick Step, Jive, Foxtrot, Tango, HipHop, Show Dance, Break Dance, Capoeira, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Belly Dance, Roman, Zeybek, Sirtaki, Folk Dances, Dance and Ballet for kids. Which one is yours?

While you are learning to dance from world-famous dancers in Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, you are going to have a good time, do exercise and make new friends. You are going to be at peace with life, be purified and become completely different.

Besides, you may also find solutions special to individuals and companies in Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy. Choreography, Professional Dance Team, Dance Groups, Dance Casting, Organizations, Wedding Dance (First Dance) are only a few of these solutions.
Is that all?

You are also invited to ABDA Fight Club so that you can defend yourself from all threats in your everyday life and you can add to your life another form of discipline.
Aikido, Capoeira, Wing Tsun, MMA
Are you ready?

Love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody is watching!

Dance Is A Social, Cultural, Sporting And Artistic Case

Dance… The oldest ritual in existence… The most vivid expression and perhaps a way of life that has not lost much of its soul from the oldest memories of human history to today…

Dance…. The oldest ritual in existence… The most vivid expression and perhaps the way of life that has not lost much of its soul from the oldest memories of human history to today… .. Dance… The rebirth of all kinds of soul movements that you could not put into words…
Sometimes a ritual you dedicate to the gods, sometimes a confusion caused by the inability to look into the eyes of love, sometimes a certain society, a life, a region, a climate come to life with music ...

Dance… The most entertaining sports and art discipline, which is embraced by today's people with increasing interest, is also one of the indispensable elements of the show world.

Music, light, movement, just like its own richness.

There are more than 3000 different languages ​​spoken in the world, including 130 native languages, but all of them have one common language Oda Dans, today you can chat with the other person using the dance language for minutes, no matter which country you go to, whatever language you speak.
How Does? When a music is playing, you just have to go to the other person, reach out to the other person and raise them to dance, and you can make new friendships all over the world.

The best sport you can do in the world is Dance; Thanks to music, both your soul is full and the movements you make when you dance count to keep you fit and your body to stay alive and young.Although dance is a sporting activity that you can do at any age, it will also psychologically rest your soul and distract you from all the negativity in the outside world, your walking, speaking, your perspective on life will completely change. You will continue your life much happier and more peacefully.

Dance will bring you peace as if flying above the clouds. Especially those who start dancing as a child benefit from all the blessings of dance, first of all help them to know their own body in a balanced way, they become elegant, flexible and with the internal discipline formed in this process, they become a social individual. The minister ensures that they are always sportive, artistic, young and dynamic individuals who can share with others and learn together, respect the rules, understand defeat and success, walk firmly.

When you advance the dance, you enter into different pursuits, this makes you researcher, you watch more, you go to different shows, you go to different shows and at the end you start to make movements and choreographies yourself, and this enables your creative side to emerge and from the moment you start creating, you are intertwined with art.
Aytunc Bentürk

Beware Of Those Who Think They Know Everything

Beware of those who think they know everything 

Search for the thing that you think you know 
Learning something does not mean that you can teach it
And correcting the wrong is more difficult than teaching those who know nothing
As the days go by, it’s your time which is going to be wasted, not your Money
And time is not unworthy to be spent in vain
For time is exactly the life itself and it is one of those which is not going to come back
Hope you always respect those who teach you and you do not gossip about them in
any case.

With love and dance,

Aytunç Bentürk

Golden Rules For Dancing

There are some golden rules of living this old phenomenon in our lives with more pleasure, excitement and full of respect:

  1. Take a shower if possible and wear clean clothes before you come to the classes and dance nights.
  2. Wear natural deodorants which do not contain strong scent. Do not neglect wearing deodorants especially in summer, the time when perspiration is frequent. Wear anti-perspiration creams if you cannot avoid bad scent.
  3. Have a spare T-shirt with you if you have a sweating body.
  4. Come to the classes with clean shoes that you do not use outside for the sake of all of us.
  5. Beware that what you eat and drink do not give out bad scent before you come to the classes and dance nights.
  6. Use a scent elimination spray for your clothes, hands and mouth if smoking is an indispensable habit for you and if you are smoking frequently.
  7. Avoid coming to the dance hall with drinks and cigars. If you are not dancing or if you are just watching, make sure that you are watching at a suitable place without causing any trouble for the dancers, not in the middle of the dance hall. Also, remember that the places organizing dance nights have trade names and they are in need of our spendings.
  8. Refrain from causing trouble to the dancers around us at dance nights. Dance in a calm manner and in control and avoid acrobatic figures on the dance floor.

If we obey these rules, we are going to guarantee that we enjoy more during the classes and dance nights and that we are a wanted partner.


Thank you for your sensitivity.

Kind regards,


We Are The Children Of Atatürk

We are the children of Atatürk, we are not going to be discouraged by a few pathetic losers
I would lay down my life for my God, my prophet, my religion, you, and this noble land you left for us
My dear Ancestor, I love you more than my own life, be sure that as long as this world exists, so this country will
I am Aytunç Bentürk and I promise you that whatever I do, I’ll do it for the sake of this country,
I know I am going to be blocked both by interior and exterior malicious people, but wasn’t it you who said not to stop for our mission no matter what happens? I won’t stop, my dear Ancestor, I won’t
My mission is dance and in this way I am going to make this country’s name be heard throughout the world
But be sure that whatever threatens my country, I won’t hesitate taking up arms and know that there are millions of homeland sons who think in the same way as me. All of them are walking upright in the way you provided us with.
Rest in peace, my dear Ancestor, the strength you gave us is so big that no one will ever dare to play with us.
I would gladly sacrifice the last drop of my blood for this country.


P.S: The thing I’m happy with is that some day I will go beside him. All I want is to rest in peace as a Turk after having done a few things for my country just like my Ancestor did and introducing my country to the whole world. My goal is to exalt the Turkish flag to the skies in the field of dance and get our National Anthem listened to the whole world. Nevertheless, I do know that if I cannot make it happen, my descendants will and I’m going to see it. From here or from there.

Yours faithfully,

Aytunç Bentürk

Dance Is A Passıon

Is a passion as if jumping from one cloud to another,
Is love, just like a sweetheart who you can never leave,
Is affection, like the one who you can never dare to touch and the one you are fond of,
Is beyond anything else that you have to give up for its sake,
Is a dream that keeps you away from all evil, problems and thoughts,
Sometimes it takes you from the verge of a cliff and somestimes it takes you to the top of the stars,
Sometimes it hugs you tight and sometimes it doesn’t care,
Sometimes it makes you delighted and sometimes it makes you sad, particularly when you have the feeling of ambition that you are best,
That’s when it makes you the ugliest creature in the world,
However, as long as you do it with love, you become a bird flying above the clouds
Dance is the soul that gives life to music, just like a flower and water,
It is like the air penetrating into the depths of your soul which you may wish to absorb to the end
It alters your life as if you have just been born, you may not even remember who you are
It gives strength to a child and get him to hold on to life tighter and wait for the future with hope
It takes you away as if it is taking you to the places that you have never seen,

Dance is passion, love, affection, life, water, dream, the one that develops a child, the one that connects a desperate person to life. It is reaching the clouds. It is beyond anything else but as long as you only do it with love, if some day ambition of dance covers you, read this script and think why this man has written this script while you’re taking your head between your arms.
Every single line is the short story of an experience. Every single line is exactly the truth.
Addressed to all dance lovers, all experts, all my coaches, all my students, all the dancers on earth, dance artists and dance sportsmen…

With love and dance,

Aytunç Bentürk

What To Take Into Consideration Before Starting A Dance Class

The dance school you are enrolled to may give dance lessons, but is the school designed according to the standards of a dance school?

Does the dance school have the qualification certificate?

Does the dance school have the license of workplace granted by the municipality it is dependent on? (Does it have the reports of the Ministry of Health, Fire Department and Stability?)

Is the dance school certified by the Ministry of National Education?

Is the dance school related to Turkish Dance Sports Federation and GSGM? Is it an association or a sports club?

Has the dance school achieved any successes both at homeland and abroad?

What level of achievement have the dance school had previously and what is the success status of its students?

Does the instructor you are going to take lessons from have the qualification certificate and what are his/her previous achievements?

Does the instructor your child is going to take lessons from have a diploma? If yes, what is his/her major? Is it a diploma or a certificate?

Is it the instructor or the assistant who gives the lessons?


While chasing other people's dreams
Do not give up on your own dreams !!!

Aytunç Bentürk

Afro Cuba

Orisha Basic Informations
As you know, it is very fashionable to use Orisha (some call it Afro-Cuba or Afro) movements in Salsa dances. It turned out that some basic information should be known in order to increase the efficiency of the image in dances. The choreographies of the Orishas are determined according to their character and duties.
A small compilation from the book We Cuba: "The gods best suited to survive under the conditions of slavery were the perfectly sculpted gods of the Yoruba pantheon brought by the Nigerian Argentines (around Togo, Ghana, Benin) to Western Cuba. They were brought here in the same way they were taken to the north east of Brazil. This perfect religious synthesis continued to live in Cuba as well. The rituals, which were initially performed by reflecting the appearance and behavior of the Catholic saints on masks, later turned into a new culture formation and even cultural metamorphosis through fusion. "Yes folks, today this belief is called Lucumi, Santeria Cubana or La Regla de Ocha. His name is Candomble in Brazil, and Shango Baptist in Trinidad. Believers follow different sacred values, which are various forces of nature such as water, fire, earth, wind.
These dances took the stage shortly after the Cuban revolution. Music is made with bata drums. You can see the most popular Orishas and their features below.
Many thanks to Mr. Oğuz Kurtili for valuable information.

He is one of the great Orishas. He owns all human minds. It is a symbol of the purity of the world, peace, gray hair, respect, all white and pure things on earth. Its accessories are white ponytails and white doves that bring peace to the earth. He lives in the highest mountains and rules from there fairly. In the Catholic faith, Virgen is also identified with La Merced / Holy Virgin of Mercy.

Babalu Aye
It is a symbol of illness and health. It is a miraculous and humble Orisha. He has leprosy, syphilis and skin diseases due to his irregular life. It protects people from diseases, it is the salvation belief of sick people. Believers make vows for miracles to happen, but if they do not, their anger is great. His accessories are a leaf of coconut palms, a bunch of plants, and he moves forward with them in his dance, cleansing the acne from his skin. A step in his dance (arara) represents the soil, stamina and health. In another step, he removes the approaching birds with his hands and arms to peck his sick skin. Dogs that are the gifts of Oggun accompany him. Her dress is trousers made of burlap fabric with purple ornaments. He is identified with Saint Lazarus in the Catholic faith.
Major dance steps include the Arara variations and Tinyosa.

He is one of the great Orishas. He is a legendary king in ancient Nigeria (Yoruba Kingdom). Fire, thunder, lightning, war, bata drums are symbols of Orisha dances and entertainments. It is a symbol of masculinity and thinks all women own it. According to Yoruba, he is an excellent fortune teller and his accessories are sword, double-sided ax, castle and bata drums. With his ax in his right hand, he symbolizes war and defense in one of his dance steps. In another step, it takes the lightning from the sky and draws it up to the pelvis and the ground. Its colors are red and white. The maracas are played and summoned. He is identified with Santa Barbara Bendita in Catholic belief.
The main dance steps are Wemilere (guenmi lube omo oyo), La Meta (oba ibo), Wolenche (sometimes Bolenche and Lumbanche), Chachalokuafun.

The only warrior in the Yoruba pantheon is female. It protects the market places. Although she is a beautiful Orisha, most people fear her because she lives at the cemetery gate. It is a symbol of wind, spark, storm. He owns an army of the dead. It is a strong character and respected. The color is 9 colors that do not contain black, except for the dominance of wine red, and you will see mostly rainbow colors. It uses flamboyant bark, a dark brown ponytail, sometimes rows / scimitars. The horse tail in his right hand represents Oya's dominance against the wind. The use of the skirt represents soft or hard air flow. It is identified with Santa Teresa de Jesus in the Catholic religion.
The main dance steps are Kan Kan, Tui Tui, Chachalokuafun, Lambaosi.

Mother is Orisha. She gave birth and raised all the Orishas in the Yoruba pantheon. He is the owner of the seas, the sea and all the secrets. In his dance, he shows all the forms of the sea, from the calmest to the whirlpool. He owns all the richness and secrets of the sea bottoms. It must be respected very much, if it is disrespected, it will miraculously give great punishment. He does everything properly and with respect. Manages the ports. Responsible for the maritime profession. Its color is blue with white ornaments, just like the waves of the seas hitting rocks. White stripes also symbolize depth levels. In the Catholic religion, Virgen has also been identified with the Regla - Virgin Mary.
Yakota, Omolodde, Chikini, Chachalokuafun can be counted as the main dance steps.

He is the owner of love. It is the defender of women and motherhood. It is the owner of fresh waters (rivers) and the gold element. Bee honey, pumpkin, cake and confectionery must be the first to come to mind when talking about Ochun. Her dance is made up of movements that symbolize calmness, delicacy, grace, sexual appeal, pride, adornment of the woman, and the flirting of the woman in the river and in the woman. Its color is golden yellow. They have gold bracelets and small bells. It is identified with the Virgin Mary (Virgen Guadalupe, Virgen de la Macarena) in the Catholic religion. It is believed that Ochun ruled the Cuban island. (Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre).
Rezo, Iddewere, Chachalokuafun, Eni obomo can be counted as the main dance steps.

The warrior is Orisha. It is the soul of the earth. It is the symbol of all metals, forge, metalworking art, mountains, forests, brute force, intelligence and workforce. It lives in the most complex and densely wooded places of the forested mountains. It is the protector of those who work with metal and those who work with metal. He was the owner of the dogs and gave some of them to Babalu Aye. Its colors are black and green. There are snail shell jewelry. He carries a large machete called a machete. With this scimitar / row in his right hand, he cuts the bush, trees in the forest and leads the way. In addition, while hunting and guarding, he cleans the things that will obstruct his work with his left hand while making killingly cutting, stabbing, and sticking movements. One of his important cantos (songs) is named Aguanile mai mai. You know this name as the Hector Lavoe song. It is identical to Saint Peter, Saint Pedro or Saint Pablo in Catholic religion.
Among the basic rhythms and songs are Agguere, Ogun de Arere, and Con sulanca ire alla viene Oggun.

The warrior is Orisha. It protects the universe. He is the way from earth to heaven. It is the first and last Orisha in the Pantheon. It is the owner of life and death, truth and lie, symbol of the beginning and end of every business. He owns the key to the door of fortune and opens and closes this door. He owns the roads of destiny. In his right hand, he has a wooden stick called guayaba / garabato, whose tip is a hook that separates the good and the bad. With this wooden hook, he separates the tall bushes while walking through the forest and opens his way. Because he opens and closes the paths of destiny, his arms open and close to symbolize this task in his dance. Its colors are black and red. It is decorated with 21 snail shells symbolizing the roads. It also carries the symbol of a mischievous child. Along with the Catholic religion, it was called the child Jesus - Santo Niño de Atocha.
Major dance steps: Lubanche (Olumbanshe), La Topa, Chachalokuafun, Nyongo.