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A completely different world with its very crowded population, versatile lifestyle, beliefs and different languages: INDIA. In the land of India, which has a very rich cultural heritage, each region has a different language, dress, food, belief and dance almost and makes a touch of our mystical magic.
Dance is one of the most important elements of Indian culture. Indian dance is divided into three main branches as Classical, Folk and Bollywood. Classical dances are like the ballet of Indian dance and usually begin their education at a young age. There are different types of classical dance according to the cultural development of each region. Most of the classical dances are based on stories from Hindu mythology. Indian classical dances, which include 8 basic classical dances, stand out with their religious expressions. Classical dances are organized according to Natya Shastra rules and all classical dances are performed according to these rules.
In summary, you will have a lot of fun and action with the Bollywood dance course. We are waiting for you at Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy with our courses to enter the mystical, mysterious and entertaining world of Bollywood Dance.


  • BOLLYWOOD BHANGRA DANCE:Bollywood Bhangra Dance is a local dance style that was performed by the workers who worked in the field during the harvest for entertainment purposes in the northern part of India, Punjab and then formed and emerged. Bhangra can also be called North Indian pop music, originating from Punjab.It is a type of music that is similar to our Ramadan drum, with percussion instruments Dhol rhythms at the forefront. Unlike other Indian musics, it is not for sitting and listening quietly, but for dance. This dance, which has high energy and entertainment, has a serious interest in England and the USA. It can even be said that it was born in England in the 80's.
  • BOLLYWOOD INDIAN DANCE:It is a modernized version of Indian Classical Dances. It is a way of integrating the rhythm of Indian music with the movement of the face, mimic, hand, arm and foot combined with the soul and body. It is the only dance type that works our right and left brains at the same time. Shaped with mudras (hand signals), this dance also teaches body health, discipline and patience.

Bollywood dances are the most popular dance type worldwide.
The Bollywood course fees can change whether it is a private or group class, adult or child group, what is the length of the course period and opportunities offered. It is shaped according to the number of lessons per week and the training program.
Bollywood course prices, more precisely, dance course prices are generally luxurious and seem to be expensive, but Bollywood lessons actually have very affordable fees. However, the first criteria you look at should not be the price. The quality of the dance course, its location, the hygienic halls, the professionalism of the instructors, the comfort of the classes and the opportunities of the course facilities should be the issues you need to pay attention to.

Quality and enjoyable Bollywood training with Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy!

As Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, we invite you to our Bollywood courses with our professional and experienced instructors. A social atmosphere awaits you with our comfortable halls designed for dance, specially prepared lesson programs, dance nights and dance practices. Meet our privileged Bollywood courses, whether by group dance training or by taking private dance training, an unforgettable experience, a life full of dance awaits you.

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