What is dance?

Dance… The oldest ritual in existence… It is the most vivid expression and perhaps a way of life that hasn’t lost much of its soul from the oldest memories of human history to today.

Dance… The rebirth of all kinds of soul movements that you cannot put into words… Sometimes a ritual you dedicate to gods, sometimes a confusion brought about by not being able to look into the eyes of love… Music, light, movement…

Dance… The most entertaining sports and art discipline, which is embraced by today's people with increasing interest, is also one of the indispensable elements of show business.

An economy which is gaining value day by day with the new fields of work it creates.

Our Mission:

Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy (ABDA),
In order to be decisive in all areas of activity about dance, it has established dance, organization, casting and art departments and combined these units under the roof of ABDA GROUP.
The mission of ABDA is, fulfilling the need arising in the sector, answering the needs of the people and the companies with the precision of an artist, make Turkey’s name heard of around Europe by enhancing projects and developing dancers and raising sportive, smart, nimble and ethic young dancers to our country.


Born in Istanbul in 1972, Aytunç Bentürk started his professional dance career between 1985 and 1986. As Turkey's second term dancer, Aytunç Bentürk worked with many important artists between 1986-1995 as a choreographer.

Aytunç Bentürk, who founded the music group “A Couple of Good Men” in 1996, suddenly became a phenomenon on television screens when it came to dance. He started to give dance lessons in the gym named "FFC" in order to spread what he knew about dance to a wider public. Aytunç Bentürk bought this place after 2 years and renewed its name as "FFDC". He also carried out his reputation by collecting all the dance prizes in the World and Europe. All the dance scene around the world were talking about this young Turkish boy. 2005 was the year when it was no longer possible to fit students in "FFDC". Aytunç Bentürk had the idea of establishing a big academy beyond a dance school, and in the same year he founded Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy in Koşuyolu, a cute neighborhood of Kadıköy. Today, Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy continues its activities in the name of dance with more than 100 professional dancers, over 300 amateur dancers and an administrative staff of 15 people.
Hundreds of people take part in films, series, competitions, clips, fashion shows, promotions and shows every year from this giant structure, which is the only institution where all known dance styles are performed apart from salsa and this structure is also called "ABDA" by its students.


Aytunç Bentürk is Turkey’s gateway to the world with his 30 years of dance history, world and europe championships and over 10.000 dancers, instructors and professional performers.

When you come to Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy which is located in Koşuyolu, Kadıköy and equipped with the most modern standards, hundreds of trophies and medals that belong to him and his students will attract your attention.

Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy affiliated with the Ministry of Education and is the first and onlu dance school in Turkey that has ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy Instructors have achieved success in many different championships and they have received medals in many of them, they have successfully passed many stages in order to become an instructor, have diplomas and international certificates.

Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy is one of the few dance schools that has the approval of Turkish Dance Sports Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sport and passed from all the audits of all the government agencies.

Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, guarantees learning ASAP in its classes and does not charge additional payment if you have to repeat the class.

Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy “ABDA” is the place where love and dance meet. We respect our work and you, and we are in love with dance.
Let's take you on a journey through the fascinating world of dance with ABDA.


ABDA manages the ABDA ART unit through its design team, art directors and choreographers and provides external support for the productions.

  • Art direction for TV programs, commercials and dance shows
  • Dance choreographies for artists
  • Fashion show choreographies for fashion designers
  • Styling service for magazine and catalog shoots
  • Costume design and applications for dance shows and show groups
  • Preparing rehearsal costumes for dancers
  • Supply of dance shoes for dancers
  • Supply of dance accessories for dancers