Combination of Modernism and Dance

Modern dance showed up in 18. and 19. century especially in Germany and USA based, contains different sub-dance groups. It is a concert dance, which is likened to ballet.

All these years, the choreographers and dancers got affected by the socioeconomic changes and reflected these changes to their dance. With this aspect modern dance touches life and it is considered as a discipline with the need of flexibility and exercises.

Would you like to learn this delightful dance, which is loved all over the world, discover your skills and join the special world of dance? If your answer is yes, the Modern Dance course is exactly what you are looking for!

  • To be able to make the most free dance
  • To be able to have a social hobby
  • To be a professional dancer
  • Discovering yourself and seeing what you can do
  • Being happy
  • What are you waiting for to share the same environment with people who are passionate about dance?

Modern Dance courses generally progress in the form of levels. 2 - 3 months courses are sufficient to learn the basic steps and figures. However, it will be healthier to continue for at least 6 months in order to progress and dance more technically and aesthetically. In order to take it to a professional level you need to take much more than 6 months of training.

As being on the top in the list of best dance schools in Turkey, we are teaching you this dance in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. If you want to get more information about our Modern Dance course programme that is designed for you and your children you can communicate with us through our contact information.
The Modern Dance course fees can change whether it is a private or group class, adult or child group, what is the length of the course period and opportunities offered. It is shaped according to the number of lessons per week and the training program.

Modern Dance course prices, more precisely, dance course prices are generally luxurious and seem to be expensive, but Modern Dance lessons actually have very affordable fees. However, the first criteria you look at should not be the price. The quality of the dance course, its location, the hygienic halls, the professionalism of the instructors, the comfort of the classes and the opportunities of the course facilities should be the issues you need to pay attention to.

Quality and enjoyable Modern Dance training with Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy!

As Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, we invite you to our Modern Dance courses with our professional and experienced instructors. A social atmosphere awaits you with our comfortable halls designed for dance, specially prepared lesson programs, dance nights and dance practices. Meet our privileged Modern Dance courses, whether by group dance training or by taking private dance training, an unforgettable experience, a life full of dance awaits you.

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