The Neighbor’s Dance

Sirtaki is the traditional dance of the Aegean culture, which is very close to us, but basically our neighbor Greece. The Hasapiko Argo dance played in Istanbul during the Byzantine period formed the basis of Sirtaki. The word "Sirto" is also the name of another Greek dance, and in Greek it has become Sirtaki by adding the suffix -aki, which is used for diminutive and cute. Hasapiko Argo is actually a slow dance type that begins and ends with the same rhythm. This dance style emerged and developed among butcher guilds around Fener and Balat districts of Istanbul. Sirtaki is a dance type that starts with Hasapiko Argo but gets faster and more enjoyable to watch. Sirtaki, also known as butcher's dance, should be learned by those who want to get to know the Greek culture. If you want to learn Sirtaki, the number one dance of Greek entertainment, from professional and expert instructors, Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy is waiting for you.

Sirtaki Dance, indispensable for Greek culture. You are one step away to learn the Sirtaki dance, discover yourself, and feel the Aegean atmosphere in your soul.

  • Recognizing and discovering the limits of your body
  • Getting to know Greek and Aegean Culture better
  • Dancing as yourself while having fun
  • Socializing, taking a hobby
  • Having a fit and healthy body structure
  • To be a professional dancer
  • Feeling good, being happy
  • Getting away from the stress of daily life

Come learn this neighbor dance with us!
Sirtaki is basically a dance type that starts with slow and clumsy movements, gets faster and more active. Sirtaki music is based on a 2/4 meter and ends with a 4/4 meter. In addition, it would not be wrong to say that the dance is shaped according to the measure of the music. In the Sirtaki course, the basic movements and steps and transitions are taught at the beginning.
While playing Sirtaki, a traditional instrument called "Bouzouki" is used. First of all, we move to the halay position, which is also included in our culture. It progresses slowly by taking steps to the right and left.
Although it is not easy to dance Sirtaki, it has a faster period to become professional. It has complex steps and three main stages:
Enthusiasm and joy
Release and distributing
Recovery and relaxation
The rhythm and steps of each section are different. With movements such as jumping and twisting, the visual pleasure of the dance is increased. Thanks to Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy Sirtaki courses, you will easily learn the dance and feel this Aegean atmosphere. Come on why are you still waiting?
Sirtaki course fees can change whether it is a private or group class, adult or child group, what is the length of the course period and opportunities offered. It is shaped according to the number of lessons per week and the training program.
Sirtaki course prices, more precisely, dance course prices are generally luxurious and seem to be expensive, but Sirtaki lessons actually have very affordable fees. However, the first criteria you look at should not be the price. The quality of the dance course, its location, the hygienic halls, the professionalism of the instructors, the comfort of the classes and the opportunities of the course facilities should be the issues you need to pay attention to.

Quality and enjoyable sirtaki training with Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy!

As Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, we invite you to our Sirtaki courses with our professional and experienced instructors. A social atmosphere awaits you with our comfortable halls designed for dance, specially prepared lesson programs, dance nights and dance practices. Meet our privileged Sirtaki courses, whether by group dance training or by taking private dance training, an unforgettable experience, a life full of dance awaits you.

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