Reggae Of The Past Met Raga, Blended With Hip Hop

Reggaeton, or Regueton as it is known in Spanish, is a musical genre born in the early 2000s. The lyrics of tracks in this musical genre are usually in Spanish. It derives from ragga, influenced by the hip-hop genre, with rhythms of Central American and Caribbean music.
In short, Reggae of the past met with Raga, blended with Hip Hop, came to Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy. One of today's most popular dance Reggaeton dance lessons took place in Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy with the accompaniment of Onur Alp Sancaktar, the best in the field in Turkey, the most talented, popular dancer and instructor who also represented Turkey abroad.
With reggaeton dance lessons, you will get to know your body, improve your coordination skills and also you will feel happy and enjoyable instantly. In addition, you will be able to have a more fit body by burning 900-1200 calories even in a 1-hour training.
We are waiting for you at Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy with our Reggaeton dance courses under the instructorship of Onuralp Sancaktar.

The Reggaeton course fees can change whether it is a private or group class, adult or child group, what is the length of the course period and opportunities offered. It is shaped according to the number of lessons per week and the training program.
Reggaeton course prices, more precisely, dance course prices are generally luxurious and seem to be expensive, but Reggaeton lessons actually have very affordable fees. However, the first criteria you look at should not be the price. The quality of the dance course, its location, the hygienic halls, the professionalism of the instructors, the comfort of the classes and the opportunities of the course facilities should be the issues you need to pay attention to.

Quality and enjoyable Reggaeton training with Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy!

As Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, we invite you to our Reggaeton courses with our professional and experienced instructors. A social atmosphere awaits you with our comfortable halls designed for dance, specially prepared lesson programs, dance nights and dance practices. Meet our privileged Reggaeton courses, whether by group dance training or by taking private dance training, an unforgettable experience, a life full of dance awaits you.

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