About 2018-2019 End Of Year Shows And Abda Oscars Organized In The Memory Of Cem Demir

You know, I don't know where to start my sentence and what to say, people say, this is absolutely true. Sometimes people are speechless, words cannot fill their meaning.
It stays knotted in his throat ...

I have been in this situation for the last 6 months. Even many people around me could not notice my feelings, my pain, the relentless storms that broke out inside me. While everyone was living oneself, I consoled myself by trying to share everyone's pain. I've always tried to be the energy of life. Nobody asked me how are you, how do you feel, do you need something? Except for my nuclear family and my dear ABDA family!

The joy of our school, one of them, our teacher, our champion, our pride, CHAMPION CEM DEMİR, completed his mission in the spiritual world and left us. We lost our only child Cem. Our school literally turned upside down. Each of us has been drained of blood, life stopped and we started to fall. But one hand grabbed us, then the other grabbed the other, that other started pulling the others up. this was the ABDA family.

From the smallest to the oldest, from the newest to the oldest, with our only students, my dear teachers, ABDA Dancers, valuable ABDA staff, my only wife Fatma Bentürk, we have achieved great things in a very short time.

We decided to hold the show in a short period of 3 months, despite many negativities, from the fluctuation of the elections, to the seizure of the halls allocated to us.

We have performed so beautiful shows with my valuable teaching staff, my magnificent choreographers, assistants, the most beautiful and valuable students in the world that I see such professionally designed amateur spirit for the first time in my 35 years of professional dance life.

Especially behind the scenes, our magnificent team, who shed a sweat, overcame the 4-hour show with zero error without any problems. Here, I will write all our valuable staff one by one, but first I cry out;

I bow respectfully in front of all of you, I kiss you all on your foreheads, I am glad you have the opportunity to meet and work with you. I want you to know that I love you very much.

For those who think Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy is a dance school, I say that this is not a dance school! This is a family hearth and everyone who enters through this door is our precious and will remain so.

As for you, Cem, to have lived with you, to be a part of you, to have earned your respect, to be a true, honest, clean, pure, respectful, intelligent, true athlete like you, the trainer of a great talent, to play games with you, to dance on the same stage as you. I feel so lucky that I cannot describe it in words, I will not miss you because part of it is always with me, I will always respect you and the trust you have left to us, you will live and live in this school as long as the USAA exists, you will live and live in this school, your teacher who loves you very, very much. , your brother, your father, your brother.

Cem's dear brothers, friends and students never forget this;

Cem Demir still lives in Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy, where he started dancing, where people who love him the most, where he feels best and where he is happiest. As Cem Demir has stated recently, "those who remain carry what goes in their hearts" and yes, ABDA will continue to carry Cem forever.

When you come to the school, you can see all the traces that Cem Demir left for you. Aytunç Bentürk Dance and Music Academy will continue to show its strength and its speed on this road by taking firm steps forward and doing better every year. 
This year, it proved its success once again with its stance and magnificent shows. Our shows, consisting entirely of students of our school, almost challenged past years with 400 amateur dancers.

Our esteemed assistants, especially our valuable trainers, our dear students, choreographers, all of our volunteers who worked in the production of the shows, behind the scenes and in front of the shows, who made our costumes, especially our valuable trainers, who worked hard, sweat, and put forward their spirit in the 2018 - 2019 year-end shows To all costume artists, dance shoe makers, magnificent hearts who show shows, to our enlightened parents who give direction to the future by entrusting their angels to us, to video and photography artists, to those responsible for sound, light and led, Orkun who assumed the role of the director and comforted us with his writing for Cem Ercan, to Artem Noyan, who almost caressed our hearts with his writing to Cem, who shared the wonderful feelings in the depths of his soul, to my dear friend and colleague Cihat Can, who took on the task of being a DJ and removed our great burden, Everything of our school, which manages its back perfectly, is Şebne Did Bulent Okan double our school with his presentation of the oldest and most valuable instructor Bahadir us who enliven Efe and partners with sweet language in the presentation and nice energy with a smile on our face rain Ersoy, always an example that direction Turkey All EU in dancers to And, of course, to Betül Bentürk, Burhan Bahar, Murat Çelebi, the very valuable staff of our school ABDA, and to my only wife Fatma Bentürk, who does not leave me alone for a moment, who rushes to everything with her beautiful heart and great intelligence, organizes and manages everything of our school without giving her help. I would like to thank our son Arel Bentürk and my dear mother Melahat Osoy for letting him work with his mother. Good thing you are with us.

I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with you.